The Healing Miracles of Jesus Study

The OSL Mountain Chapter

“The Healing Miracles of Jesus”

  • Dig deeper into the healing ministry of Jesus in a group discussion setting.
  • Study of Jesus' 26 individual healing encounters recorded in the gospels.
  • The course will be held on 3 Consecutive Saturdays. An additional Saturday will be held for those who wish to participate in healing prayer and further discussion.
  • $45 individual / $55 couple. Includes a one year membership of OSL Christian Healing Ministries, annual subscription of Sharing Magazine (A Journal of Christian Healing), and The Healing Miracles of Jesus - The Foundational Study of OSL, Certificate of Discerning Membership, and more.

Dates & Times

Saturday, February 22 (9am - 2pm)
Saturday, February 29 (9am - 2pm)
Saturday, March 7 (9am - 2pm)
Saturday, March 14 (Optional) (9am - 2pm)


Grace Episcopal Church
871 Merrimon Ave.

Asheville, NC 28804

Register Online, Continue below, or Call Ed at 828-989-9211 for more information

Goals of this Study

"OSL exists to empower God’s people with Jesus’ ministry.  Therefore, it is important to be thoroughly familiar with what Jesus said and what Jesus did regarding healing and salvation.  The best way to do this is to carefully study all the gospel accounts of his healing ministry.  You will be reading and reflecting on these accounts to examine the details, and discover what they mean for us today.  You will also look at these stories to understand the power of Jesus’ love and the effects of that love on people’s health and well-being.  You will learn how the Holy Love flowing from the Father empowered Jesus to transform people’s lives.

As a guide for this study, OSL offers this book relating to Jesus’ 26 individual healing encounters recorded in the gospels.  The questions have been prepared to help you dig deeply into what the Scripture says and to reflect on the meanings and implications of what it says.  The Reflections, found after the first set of questions following each lesson, will offer insight into the deeper message of these stories and invite you to ponder how this informs our practice of Christian healing today".

                                                                                                          - "The Healing Miracles of Jesus - The Foundational Study of OSL"

After the Study

This study will prepare you for the OSL Discerning and Full Membership

  July 2021  
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