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The basic process of membership is to first join OSL and become a Discerning Member of OSL. You can do this on the www.OSLToday.org website. Then, on the OSLToday.org website, under Find Healing - 26 Healing Miracles Classes, you register for and complete the OSL Foundational Study: 26 Healing Miracles of Jesus. Also during this discerning period, you read at least three additional books from the OSL Suggested Reading List. Other activities to be completed if you wish to become a Full Member of OSL are attending at least one Healing Conference; seeking to discipline your spiritual life through regular prayer, Bible Study, Communion, and church attendance; meeting regularly for intercessory prayer with a prayer group or a prayer partner.

If, after completing the study, readings and other requirements, you feel guided by the Holy Spirit to apply for Full Membership, you need only complete the Request for Full Membership form (on the OSLToday.org website) and present it to your nearest Chaplain or Convener, who will arrange for your induction.

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